Affiliate Program

At workoutcash, our success depends on your success and we are 100% committed to our partnership. Here are just a few reasons you should consider joining our free partnership program…

60% Commission and Trusted Tracking!
We are so dedicated to your success we are offering you a 60% commission for every sale. Our partnership program is run, managed and tracked by trusted 3rd party processor Clickbank. They are the most trusted name in online digital delivery and you can trust them to track all of your leads and links. There is no cheating and no skimming – 100% guaranteed! You get credit for all your referrals, period!

100% Exclusive Content
Our sites feature 100% exclusive fitness content and workouts. These are not generic and reprinted articles. Every site features hands-on, instantly usable workouts you can only find throughout the workoutpass network and nowhere else. It’s what people really want and this gives you a BIG advantage!

More Choice
We have over 43 niche fitness and workout sites (and we are adding more sites to the network all the time). You can choose links and promotions to any of our niche web sites. For example, here are just a few markets you can laser-target: weight loss, baby boomers, basketball players, total gym owners, new moms, baseball players, and so much more. Why get stuck with just one program when you can have an almost limitless choice of programs… 

Killer Tools and Affiliate Support
Workoutcash will give you everything you need to become successful with our programs. Top notch graphics, sales copy, sample emails, sample ads, google adwords, text links, and so much more. Our dedicated affiliate team is here to support you 100%

High Conversions = More Money!
Our sites are such a great value, they are truly a ‘no brainer’. You customers will have access to dozens of websites and thousands of workouts for one low fee. They will love all the sites, workouts and options – and that means a much higher conversion rate than most sites.

Get Paid Often!
Why wait every month or quarter to get paid? Our trusted merchant, Clickbank, will pay you directly 2 times a month. That’s right, you get paid every 2 weeks (on the 1st and 15th of every month). And they’re checks arrive like clockwork!