About us

Workoutpass is the brainchild of world renowned fitness expert Ryan Lee.

Ryan wanted to create a resource that would help people reach their fitness goals (and save people time and money). Most people cannot afford the expensive fees associated with private one-on-one personal training, so he came up with a plan that allows anyone access to thousands of actual workouts used by trainers for the clients for a modest fee.

And rather than having one large cumbersome site he came up with the idea to create dozens of niche workout sites so anyone and everyone can find a workout just for them. Everything from baseball training to fat loss to injury prevention. If you have a goal to reach, Workoutpass can help you!

But he didn’t want Workoutpass to be the same as all the other ‘fitness’ sites. Most of those websites feature ‘computerized’ programs andNOT actual workouts created by trainers and used with their clients. They are simply expensive computer programs designed by guys with Ph.D’s in mathmatics, but also guys who have never trained a client in their life!

To make sure his members got the absolute best workouts, he enlisted the help of some of the best trainers in the industry. Experts like Alwyn Cosgrove and Mike Boyle who not only bring crediblity (professional strength coaches, authors, featured in magazines), but most importantly have been ‘in the trenches’ training thousands of clients. After all, what good is a workout that has been tested in the field?

Welcome to Workoutpass, your pass to fitness…